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Hotel Ganges View is situated on the bank of river Ganga at Asi Ghat which is among one of the five major sacred places, Pancha Tirtha, of Kashi or Varanasi. It's the place where river Asi joins Ganga on her northward flow. The place marks the southern boundary of the holy city and remained the abode of saints and seers, poets and pundits. Saint poet Tulsidasa wrote a part of his celebrated epic, Ramacharitamanas, at this place nearly four hundred years ago..

Asi-Sangameshwara is the principal Shaiva shrine and Asi Madhava is the main Vaishnavite deity. However the latter shrine was dislocated over the centuries. Around 1870, Dulhin Radha Dulari Kunwari, a princess of Sursand state of Bihar, settled down at Asi and became engaged in philanthropy. Local pundits suggested her to reconstruct the Asi-Madhava shrine and build the ghat overlooking the Ganga. In order to build the temple, Radha Dulari Kunwari, wife of late Raja Damodar Dev Narain Singh of Chainpur, Bihar, bought the land from Kashiraj Prabhu Narayan Singh in 1903. the temple was constructed over the years in Panchayatana style, the key shrine being dedicated to Vishnu and Laxmi.

After the death of Dulhin ji in 1927 her Son-in-Law Kumar Kailash kinkar Narayan Singh, Of Muksudpur Tekari State of Bihar emigrated to Varanasi. Their marriage relation were settled with major Varanasi families, including the Jagatganj Branch of Kashiraj family. They were great lovers of music and had interested in art and literature. At the same time, they were known for their warm hospitality. In 1990, the private residence of the Singhs was revamped into the HOTEL GANGES VIEW. Since then the Ganges View has become the haunt of scholars, poets, writers, actors, musicians, philosophers, choreographers and painters.

From the year 1999 onwards a lecture series was started to re-interpret the culture of the city, its many diverse shades and traditions. It was appropriately termed “ASPECTS OF BANARAS” and numerous lectures were delivered related to music and painting, sacred geography and religions, Dance and brocading. Workshops and artists camps are also frequently arranged in the hotel to promote local talents. Apart from these ongoing Programs there is a permanent display of artifacts in the hotel premises. Open for visitors and guests.

We do not promise to provide you every comfort which you enjoy in your home, but we make every effort to make your stay in our hotel, enjoyable. The timeless sunrise over the sacred river, we hope, will turn you every single day spent with us memorable.

Our Goals

Our goal is to be the market leader in the exclusive lifestyle hotel industry and to consolidate the brand and position by embracing the culture , beauty, perfection and purity of our destinations.

Our client will receive exceptional personalized service, quality and attention to every detail. These aspects will be visible throughout our corporate decisions, marketing activities and inter related innovations.

What We Offer

Luxury and Comfort : Luxury is defined as something that is not essential but is expensive, desirable or valuable and provides comfort , we redefine luxury and make it available in your world. We take pride in announcing that our hotel is a great place for those who seek to find a home away from home while visiting Varanasi,.

Service : To achieve excellence we take clear direction and consistent focus in all aspects to build a better customer relationship, we are available 24/7 to assist our guests.