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The hotel Ganges View is situated on the banks of the river Ganges at Asi Ghat, which is one of the five most sacred places of pilgrimage – Pancha Tirtha – in Kashi (or Varanasi). The river Asi used to merge in the waters of the Ganges at this very place marking the southern boundary of the holy city. It has always been an important place for saints, seers, pundits and poets over the centuries. The renowned saint poet Tulsidas wrote a part of his celebrated epic, the Ramacharitmanas, at Asi, more than four hundred years ago.

The brave queen of Jhansi, Laxmi Bai, born at Asi Ghat, was the main leader of the first Indian freedom movement in 1857.

The hotel is housed in a heritage property of the erstwhile family of the Muksudpur Tekari State of Bihar. Its ancestors immigrated in Varanasi in the late 19th century. A private home, known for its warm hospitality, it has been converted into a hotel in 1990. Recreating the atmosphere of a bygone era, the hotel has become a meeting point for artists, writers and scholars over the years.

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